AE Series Large Displays

Time Switches

RS232 Opt 354 (62k) AP21 (224k) or AP21LV (263k)
4-20ma, 0-5v Opt 341 (46k) AP41 (42k)
Wireless Controller Pace Clock Opt 273 (54k)


Remote Display Opt 349 (31k)

Master Clocks

Elapsed/Run Time Accumulator Opt 373 (32k) MC41LV & MC81LV Wall Mount (220k)
RS232 Time Zone Clock Opt 388 (70k)  MC4181N Series Wall Mount (123k)
BCD Display Opt 489 (31k)   MC4181LV Rack Mount (105k)
Julian & Project Clocks - 479A (55k) Program Record Sheet
AE21 Controller (60k)   MC Series Master Clock Modes Summary (118k)
NF21 Call System (52k)  MC4181-388 Time Zone Master Clock (76k) 
Pace/Population Counter Opt 514 (55k)    427A GPS Master Clock (95k) 
Event Counter Opt 230 (32k)    MC22LV Master Clock (585k)  
AE200F Line Frequency Monitor (31k)  
Count Up Timer (100ths sec.) (32k) Simplex 6400 Oper./Inst. Manual (2276k) 
Multifunction Clock/Timer (77k)   Simplex 6400 Prog./Inst. Manual (1210k) 
Multifunction Clock/Timer /w Drawings (1252k)  Simplex 6500 Manual (1541k)  
AEXX-539 Day Counter - "Days Since" (83k)  GPS6400 Manual (1037k)   
Network Time Opt 521C (298k)


AEXX/CC Series Clock/Timer (75k)  

GPS TR3 Manual (1549k)    



 CC Series Clocks  
CC186 1.8" Digit Clock (52k)
 CC2000 4" Digit Clock (40k)  
Production Monitors  
AEXX-503C (29k)  
AEXX-503J (65k)
AEXX-503L (67k)
AEQuery Manual (580k)  

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